09h"The team at Georgies custom make their extensions to suit all colours.  For my hair they were able to add in two different shades to suit my foiled hair.  Its a perfect  match and much more natural than one solid colour. With having heavily lightened hair I struggled to grow it longer and the ends have become broken and wispy.  With  extensions I can have a full, thick head of hair that blends flawlessly and makes my hair appear long and healthy.
I definately support Georgies extensions and would recommend them to anyone"
- Aimee



04"My name is Rebecca, I am 19 and I am training to be an Early Years Teacher.

Losing my hair due to temporary Alopecia at the age of 19 has been a huge emotional roller coaster to add to the end of my teenage years. Being scared of washing my hair is a horrible feeling.  I went to comb a huge 'knot' out of my hair after washing my hair and it turned out being hair that had fallen out.  The feeling of 'looking like nobody owns you' when you make the effort to dress up is a huge defeat to a young lady and was becoming a regular feeling I was experiencing every time I started my day.

All a girl wants to do is sit with her girl-friends and get ready for a night out by doing her hair and make-up and for me I couldnt do anything to my hair.  I was scared the more I played with it the more it would fall out, until  I went to Georgies and discovered there was a solution!, I would bawl my eyes out thinking "yip, this is it, I am going to have to invest in many beanies and that will be my look".  Although I remained positive to everyone about my temporary Alopecia, my self confidence, self esteem and self concept took a huge blow. Getting a fringe hair piece from Georgies did wonders for how I feel!

The first day of wearing my hair piece (fringe), a friend accompanied me doing errands, but now I go out in public places and rock my hair because it is now a part of who I am. "